Relocation process from Boston to Tokyo

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Keika Sugiyama


Not knowing what you don't know is just one of the many travails you endure when moving abroad. Anyone who has decamped to another country will tell you that it is invaluable to have eyes and ears on the ground in advance in order to help you prepare for all the changes that are coming.

Nipponify and our multilingual consultants are ready with a wealth of information about your destination, allowing you to put your focus on where it belongs, on your work and family. We provide will have customized plans and will take care all of the little details of your move including obtaining a visa, getting you oriented in your new home (which we will also help you choose!), and arranging for the delivery of your things from your Boston home, to your new Tokyo home.

Once you have chosen where you want to live, we set you up with everything. From turning on the electricity and water, to hooking up your cable and internet - and making sure that your mobile phone is connected to the Japanese networks - we do it all.

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Keika Sugiyama

Written by Keika Sugiyama

Hey it's Keika, the founder of Nipponify. I grew up in Tokyo surrounded by a lot of expat kids, and have accumulated some knowledge of what the community is like in this strange country called Japan. I've lived outside of Tokyo throughout my life including places like California, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Beijing, and everywhere I go, I meet people who want to move to Japan but don't know what resources are out there to make that happen. I started Nipponify because I wanted to help all those people make their dreams come true.

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