About the Experts on relocating from Boston to Tokyo


What does Nipponify mean?

日本 or "Nippon" is Japan in Japanese. And ify... you know.

What is Nipponify?

Nipponify is a one-stop shop for individuals and SMB companies who want to move to Japan. We are experts on relocating from Boston to Tokyo - we provide all the services necessary to bring you on board, and will take care all of the administrative functions on your behalf, so that you won't need to worry about anything. Our services include setting up visa and financial matters, finding housing, looking for a job and building your career, enrolling your kids for school, and more - that also includes providing you with information on where the best bars are in town!

Why did we start Nipponify?

We noticed how big of a hassle is for anyone to move internationally, and how many resources people would need in order to do that. We truly embrace an international community, and wanted to help people around the world make that happen, hassle-free.

Experts on relocating from Boston to Tokyo
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Keika Sugiyama


Hey it's Keika, the founder of Nipponify. I grew up in Tokyo surrounded by a lot of expat kids, and have accumulated some knowledge of what the community is like in this strange country called Japan. I've lived outside of Tokyo throughout my life including places like California, Taiwan, Shanghai, and Beijing, and everywhere I go, I meet people who want to move to Japan but don't know what resources are out there to make that happen. I started Nipponify because I wanted to help all those people make their dreams come true.